HF Beam Project


Well as you can see from the photo the beam is up. Many thanks to the mates and my dad for helping me get this to this point, i freaking love you guys. That is enough about bro-mances and helping each other get it up.

You are probably wondering at what point the project is. The beam is up and most of the cables are run back to the shack. I have run the miniVNA across it and it looks really good. I will be posting the images of the sweeps on the dedicated beam page along with a heap more photos.

The cables will be finished next weekend along with some filters. So i will be on the air for the CQWW to give it a real thrash. So catch you then.

The Tower stands at 9m with a trolly that runs up and down the side for ease of work. I plan to leave the beam down low when not in use and then wind it up to 10m for operation.

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