Portable Morialta CP 27 April 2014

This was a very last minute portable operation to attempt to make contact with European Stations via the Long Path on 20m. Station consisted of the a folding hex beam @7m height and an Elecraft KX3 running 10 W. Most of the operating was done using Mark VK5QI’s callsign. Band conditions were very good on […]

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Coorong January 2014

Operating Portable Boys weekend style in the Coorong National Park. Operations in attendance Matt VK5ZM Mark VKQI Andy VK5AKH Active on all all bands 160-2m Antennas: 16m vertical tuned with SGC-230 160-30m 2 element HexBeam 20-6m 12element K1FO on 2m NVIS terminated inverted Vee (hanging below 2m beam) Radios 100W on HF+6 ~ IC7000 50W […]

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3 Summit Activation 14 April 2013

On the 14th of April I tagged along with Paul VK5PAS with his 3 summit activation of: VK5/SE-017, South Hummocks. VK5/SE-015, Bumbunga Hill  VK5/SE-014, Illawarra Hill. Paul put together a video of the activation, that shows most of the happenings on the day. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IkNcDeY6KA] Everything worked well and I was very impressed with Paul’s the […]

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SOTA so far

Long before Summits on the Air (or SOTA for short) went live I have always been keen on hiking and the idea backpack portable operation. eg Spring Field Day . I have been working towards getting a sweet Portable Setup before venturing into the bush. SOTA VK5 SOTA VK5 went live on the 1st of October, thanks […]

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