Portable Morialta CP 27 April 2014

This was a very last minute portable operation to attempt to make contact with European Stations via the Long Path on 20m. Station consisted of the a folding hex beam @7m height and an Elecraft KX3 running 10 W. Most of the operating was done using Mark VK5QI’s callsign. Band conditions were very good on […]

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Coorong January 2014

Operating Portable Boys weekend style in the Coorong National Park. Operations in attendance Matt VK5ZM Mark VKQI Andy VK5AKH Active on all all bands 160-2m Antennas: 16m vertical tuned with SGC-230 160-30m 2 element HexBeam 20-6m 12element K1FO on 2m NVIS terminated inverted Vee (hanging below 2m beam) Radios 100W on HF+6 ~ IC7000 50W […]

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Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.53.57 PM


100 Countries Worked and Confirmed on Logbook of The World… Woooooo….. I would like to thank Will (VK5AHV) for suggesting this over a beer in 2007 helping me upgrade in 2008, to those who helped put the beam up in the backyard and with all the other various antenna, audio, software projects, and for putting up […]

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