2011 V/UHF Winter Field Day

DSC00159This year for the winter field day I decided to do participate in a multi operator station. The idea was to use the Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club call sign VK5LZ. As most of the activity during these contests comes from members of the club we keep the number of operates at the club station to three. In addition to my self the operators were VK5KX Peter and VK5ADE Stuart.

The day started out with very similar wether to last years winter field day. There was fog/ mist hanging around at my place early in the morning. As I do not have that much elevation it looks like the day was going to being interesting especially for the hams who were heading for what small amount of altitude we have in this part of the world.

We packed all the various bits of kit into the bus then headed to our first operating point “Windy Point”. The main reason for going to this point was to work Tim VK5ZT at “Wool Bay” PF84 and since Windy Point is in PF94 we were also able to activate it for a few other hams around Adelaide area. We eventually managed to work Tim on 3.4 and 10Ghz, we were having some issues with the 2m station deceasing the IF rig. about 74km mostly over water, we also worked the other usual suspects who were around Adelaide. Once we had worked everyone we could it was time to move to our second site. With a short stop at the Cavan Steak Van for a feed to keep us contesters going into the wee hours.

We rolled up at the Lower Light and I quickly Jumped out the bus to try and work Tim again as he had moved to Adrossan. Once the microwave excitement was over we set up camp for the night. [As can bee seen in the photo above.] Nice piece of hard standing with nothing in the way for microwave contacts.  We only had directional antennas on 23cm and up. Plenty of contacts were made with all three of us having goes at operating 6m -23cm, I was in charge of the microwave gear and Peter was the arm strong and the man with the GPS for making sure the antenna array was pointing the right direction. By about 7pm Stuart was well into the swing of things and winding people up on the bands and have a good old laugh. Even though were were a 24hr station Stuart and I decided to call it a night about 10.30CST. Peter took over and did a good job working some distant contracts on 23cm, and got into the swing of contest operating. As he is new to the hobby, [the bus arrived out of the blue last year during the spring field day] it was good to see a new operator going hard.

DSC00164The morning came around and so did the wind, we had to park a ute at the end of the shelter to stop us from blowing away. Ben VK5TX came and said hello as he had to move because of the same wind. Most stations were able to be worked twice during the morning session. The it was all over for another year and it was time to come home.

The site and station configuration worked well, with all having a good time and learning a few more things about our great hobby. Big thanks to Iain VK5ZD for the loan of microwave gear and the time spent helping me get mine working, which unfortunately never happened. It was my first real contest with a lot of directional antennas and it was quite a challenge to make every thing work and get it pointing in the right direction, but I have more to work on and get my own system refined.


Bellow is a summary of points and log

Scoring Table


Band         Locators     Locators        QSOs       Total          Band         Band

Activated    Worked        Made                         Mult          Total

50                10             20             10             40             1             40


144               20             60             64             144           3             432


420               20             30             46             96             5             480


1.2G             20             40             31             91             8             728


3.3G             20             40             13             73             10           730


5.6G             20             30              9              59             10           590


10.G             20             40              9              69             10           690


Final Total:    3690

3.4 was the most active of all the microwave bands.

23cm performed really really well when compared to previous contests.

70cm was its usual thorn in my side.


I’ll be doing the same thing as VK5LZ next winter hope fully with the same guys I had a ball. catch you under my own call over the spring and summer field days.





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